Why Design First Homes?

At DFH we recognize how important the design and construction of your new home is to you. As our names implies your home design is our first priority. We work with you through the design process at a pace that allows you to fully assimilate the multitude of options that are available to you. At the same time we recognize that you need to consider the related costs as you work to maximize your home design while managing your budget. We also review your building site with you to include the important features of your building site in the home design process.

While full customization is our specialty, we have three models on site and many pre-drawn floor plans. All of which can be modified. We can also work from an existing floor plan, a sketch or a photo of an existing home. For most of our customers we develop a full custom home design based on our conversations with you.

Here at DFH we treat the design and specification of your new home as a process not an event. We typically start with a general meeting to review what type of home you are looking for. At the next meeting we will have a customized floor plan drawn for you with an estimate of the costs. In subsequent meetings we modify the plan and option list as you determine which items are most important to you. This process allows you to evaluate the design and specifications for your new home at your own pace. At Design First Homes we take the time to design the home that is right for you!

“We offer superinsulated homes”

On site completion

Nantucket ModelAlthough the design of your home is critically important, at DFH we also emphasize the importance of quality construction. We prefer to use local subcontractors that own and operate their own businesses. For example the individual that does our excavation work owns and operates his equipment. This use of small local business means the people in the field working on your home will show pride in what they do. We avoid using large companies that hire “helpers” more focused on when quitting time is than the quality of their work. By using these smaller businesses we know that the people working on your home care about the quality of their work.

We offer all functions needed on site to complete your new home. By having DFH perform all the site completion you have a lot less to worry about.

As we build many homes every year, our subcontractors provide us with very competitive pricing and want to do a great job so they can continue to get more work from us. This “leverage” allows us to provide you with a quality home completion at a competitive price in one inclusive contract. This also gives you the freedom to enjoy watching the process without having to spend the time or take on the risk of managing a construction site.

All of the people that work for us know that I am fussier than our most particular customer. That way they know if they satisfy me before they leave the job site, they will not be getting called back to satisfy customers.

Guarantees and Warranties

One of the many advantages of us building a modular home for you is the warranty protection provided by both us and the factories we buy the home sections from. We also provide a warranty policy from “Residential Warranty Company” to provide you with further protection. One of our top priorities is to provide you with such a satisfying home building experience that you will be promoting our business for years to come.